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Department of Excise

Excise department is the second major revenue yielding department of the state government through levying tax. Litre fee and duty on the production, manufacture, possession, sale, import and export of liquor and intoxicating drugs. The department enforces the provisions of Excise Acts and Rules and other related Acts and rules like dangerous drugs (medicinal and toilet preparation), Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances rules and Molasses control order etc.
The department comes under the Finance Secretariat, Govt. of Karnataka.

Excise revenue collection in Kodagu

The average excise revenue generated through the realization of arrack rentals, duty on arrack, IML and beer license fee, fines and confiscation etc., will be around 4 crores per month in Kodagu district.
The department is not only earning good revenue to the Stage Government but also aimed at bringing permanent and perpetual prohibition by making intoxicating liquor dearer, year after year. The total revenue collected in the year 1999-2000 in Kodagu district is Rs.1500 crores.

Structure of the department

The district is headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Excise, assisted by the Superintendent of Excise, Deputy Superintendent of Excise, 7 Inspectors of Excise, 11 Sub Inspectors of Excise along with a sub-division and two flying squads and a check-post to enforce excise laws and related rules to prevent the leakage of excise revenue of the district.


There are two branches of administration in the district.
District Establishment is to administrate and control different kinds of licence, collection of excise revenue, to deal with the offenders by placing charge sheet in the court of law. And also to ensure quality of liquor sold in the licenced shops.
Enforcement Wing of the excise department functions through a sub-division headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Excise stationed at Madikeri and two flying squads stationed at Somvarpet and Virajpet. They undertake to check inflow of non-duty paid liquor, spirit, arrack etc. They conduct excise raids on illicit liquor manufacturing centres, godowns etc.

Whom To Contact
Officer Address Phone
Deputy Commissioner of Excise Fair Light Building, Dechur, Madikeri 224736, 229295
Superintendent of Excise Fair Light Building, Dechur, Madikeri 229295
Deputy Superintendent of Excise Fair Light Building, Dechur, Madikeri 229295
Sub Divisional Deputy Superintendent of Excise Fair Light Building, Dechur, Madikeri 225697
Inspector of Excise, Madikeri Range Fair Light Building, Dechur, Madikeri 229295

Department Of Disabled Welfare

In the wake of the growing realisation of the conditions of the people with disabilities and the urgency to provide all rehabilitation services to this section of the society this department came into being in the year 1988. The thrust of the department is to bring the persons with disabilities into the mainstream of the society and focussing on the abilities rather than their disabilities.
The department comes under Women and Child Development Secretariat and Department of Disabled Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka.
Main Disabilities
1. Blindness 2. Low Vision 3. Leprosy cured 4. Hearing Impairment
5. Locomotor disability 6. Mental Retardation 7. Mental illness
Computer Education:
Computer training is being provided to the needy disabled students.
Audio text books:
The text books of PUC and BA degree courses in humanities subjects are recorded in audio cassettes which are made available to the visually disabled students along with tape-recorders (returnable) in order to encourage education among the visually disabled.
Assistance for self employment (ADHARA):
This scheme aims at the economic rehabilitation of disabled persons. A kiosk (small petty shop) worth Rs.6000 is provided free of cost while a loan of Rs.6000 is extended towards the working capital through the Deputy Commissioner.
Supply of telephone booths:
Under this scheme telephone booths are provided to the disabled persons free of cost for their economic rehabilitation.
Aids and appliances to disabled persons:
Under this scheme aids and appliances like tricycles, hearing aids, Braille watches etc., are supplied to disabled persons.
Monthly financial assistance to disabled persons:
Disabled persons whose family income is less than Rs.6000 per annum are entitled for maintenance allowance of Rs. 100 per month. (Sanctioning Authority : Tahsildars)
Insurance scheme for parents of mentally retarded persons:
The life of parents/guardians of mentally retarded persons are insured by the department after whose death will the mentally retarded persons receive a monthly annuity for maintenance.
Identity Cards:
The identity cards are being issued to all the disabled persons enabling them to avail facilities under different programs.
This scheme aims at promoting disabled artists. The scheme provides financial assistance to the disabled artists.
Under this scheme the disabled sportsmen get financial assistance to participate in national and international games.

Department Structure
The department is headed by the Director of Disabled Welfare at the state level. In the district level Assistant Director of Women and Child Development is the overall authority for implementing the programmes of the department of disabled welfare. He is assisted by one District Disabled Welfare Officer to look after the works of disabled wing in the district. Also the Child Development Project officers and their project staff at taluk levels are also responsible for identifying beneficiaries under the schemes of the department.

Whom To Contact
Officer Address Phone
Asst. Director of Women and Child Development, Kodagu district Fort Mahila Samaja Building, Near Fort, Madikeri-571201 08272 - 228010
Disabled Welfare Officer, Disabled Welfare Dept. Kodagu district Fort Mahila Samaja Building, Near Fort, Madikeri-571201 08272 - 222829

Department Of Forest

Whom To Contact
Officer Address Phone
Conservator of Forest (CF) Madikeri 08272 - 225708
Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF) Madikeri Division 08272 - 228305
Deputy Conservator of Forest (DCF) Virajpet Division 08274 - 228305
Range Forest Officer (RFO) Nagarahole 08274 - 244221

Department Of Public Works

The main objective of the department is to maintain major district roads and state highways including bridges, if any, and all government buildings in the district. The deprtment executes works entrusted by government and also by the district administration.
This department has headquarters at Madikeri and three subordinate offices called as sub-divisions at Madikeri as Sub-Division No.1, at Somwarpet as Sub-Division No.2 and at Virajpet as Sub-Division No.3.

Whom To Contact
Officer Address Phone
Executive Engineer Fort Madikeri 08272 - 225645
Assistant Executive Engineer No.1 subdivision Fort Madikeri 08272 - 228720
Assistant Executive Engineer No.2 subdivision Somwarpet 08276 - 682015
Assistant Executive Engineer No.3 subdivisionv Virajpet 08274 - 457410

Department Of Statistics

District Statistical Office is responsible for collection of agricultural statistics, rainfall statistics, vital statistics, publication and conducting census and surveys.
Rainfall statistics is collected from 36 rain gauge stations in the district.
Under crop estimation survey, only khariff paddy is selected for the survey in this district. Crop cutting experiments are conducted on random basis. Village accountants and agricultural assistants are the primary workers and supervision is done by officers of revenue, agriculture and statistical department.
Village accountants are given instructions and guidance to write R.T.C seasonwise crop details for all the 3 seasons. Crop estimate reports are prepared on the basis of crop abstracts submitted by village accountants seasonwise and submitted to the government.
To derive common area figures of different crops, reconciliation of crop area is done at taluk level by revenue, agriculture and horticulture departments for all the 3 seasons of the year.

Improvement of Crop Statistics

Under this scheme 6 or 8 village are selected at random by the National Sampling Survey Organization(NSSO), Government of India. The main purpose of this scheme is to supervise the R.T.C. and 20 survey number at the field level. Out of villages selected (6 or 8) 50% of the villages are supervised by officers of NSSO and 50% villages are supervised by District Statistical staff.
Only two crops, lemon and summer chilly are selected for Fruits and Vegetables Survey in Kodagu.
Weekly prices of 20 important commodities are collected and submitted to the government. In addition to this 7 markets are selected by Labour Bureau, Government of India for Consumer Price Index compilation.
Reports on the number of births and deaths registered in the district and submitted to the government regularly.

Whom To Contact
Officer Address Phone
District Statistical Officer Second Floor, DC Office, Madikeri 08272 - 25764

Department Of Small Savings

  1. Mobilisation of resources through small savings schemes
  2. To propogate the habit of thrift among the people
  3. To persuade the public to invest their savings with government in the small savings securities and accounts with the post office.
Major Functions
  1. To appoint, guide, train and motivate the agents and the organisations and to render service to these agents
  2. To form pay roll savings groups in public sector undertaking companies, factories, plantations and offices
  3. To organise SANCHAYIKA in schools and colleges for collecting the savings of the children and thus develop the habit of thrift among the children, promote leadership in them and train them in accounting money.